Who We Are Today

Shorey Chapel United Church of Christ – Today our Congregational presence in this community is more than 200 years old.  Our building is more than 100 years old.  And yes, maybe our hymns are old, too.  But our thinking is not.

     Picture this: it’s a Sunday morning.  Cars begin to pull into the parking lot.  A cacophony of sound begins to fill the sanctuary as voices can be heard coming from the Sunday school, Tanya is playing a familiar hymn on the piano, and folks begin to gather with greetings that span a lifetime of acquaintance and friendship and excitedly welcoming anyone new.  

 The steeple bell tolls, the candles are lit, and a “hushing” takes place as the last to enter slide into their seats and worship begins.  It’s Sunday morning, God is in the house, and God’s people have come home to find comfort in times of grieving, guidance for these uncertain times, hope in the midst of struggles, healing from hurt and pain, peace to cope with the chaotic pace of our world, and inspiration for a life of faith – all through the sharing of prayers, songs, scriptures, and sermon reflections.  It’s Sunday morning, God and the people gather, and “there’s a sweet, sweet Spirit in this place.”

     Picture this:  worship has ended, and the work of faith begins.  The people who are this church strive to serve God by serving others as they give generously of their time, talents, and resources – both within and outside of the church.  They take seriously Jesus’ call to love our neighbors and to work for peace and justice as they seek to connect with this community in times of need and to address the current local concerns of poverty, hunger, and unemployment.   The “neighbor” is also seen in the face of the global community as we continue working with our partners in Honduras. 

     Picture these:  the weddings, the memorial services, the baptisms, the Christmas Eve services – all those times when the community gathers together and experiences that sense of connection to one another and feels held together by God.

     Shorey Chapel United Church of Christ is not a place – it’s a people, worshipping and serving God, following Jesus Christ, united by the Spirit.  In this church everyone is known as a beloved child of God.